Super Bomberman 2 Remix - ZX Spectrum

Back in 2001, a ZX Spectrum adaptation of Marie Slip was released for the ZX Spectrum [...]

Wycheweald - ZX Spectrum

Wycheweald is a first-person role-playing adventure game for Sinclair ZX Spectrum [...]

Settlers III - ZX Spectrum

After the war on mars, urcispace, the mega-corporation that tried to exploit the mineral resources of [...]

Transylvanian Castle 3 - ZX Spectrum

Once Van Helsing had finished with Velnor the Sorcerer and after escaping from the [...]

Gvolcano - ZX Spectrum

Wolom our hero, due to an accident with his ship, has found on his planet [...].

Regulus - ZX Spectrum

Another interesting news for all retro gamers, as if they have a ZX Spectrum, such [...]

Bufonada - ZX Spectrum

The kingdom of Kimeria has fallen into disgrace. A "Perpetual Night" spell threatens its [...]

The Relic - ZX Spectrum

Year of the Lord 1533, My travels in the Holy Land have come to an end, and today, by [...]

White Jaguar - ZX Spectrum

Darkness descended and plunged the valley into night, poisoning all beings [...].

Nosy - ZX Spectrum

Nosy is a boy who lives in a religious orphanage, he has a special gift, to move [...].