The Royal Lineage - Amstrad CPC

The war between the kingdoms of Arngur and Megrib had been raging for two long years. Ernor, [...]

Bubble Bobble - Amstrad CPC

A cute game where you have to pop bubbles to clear each level from [...]

Shovel Adventure - Amstrad CPC

You are Johnny Pallas, the legendary archaeologist from Utrera. After your research work more [...]

Star Sabre Enhanced - Amstrad CPC

Star Sabre draws on many influences such as P47, GRADIUS (NEMESIS) or X-OUT [...].

Puzzle Bobble - Amstrad CPC

On the planet Taito live the twins Bub and Bob. Can you help them to finish each [...]

Altair - Amstrad CPC

Developed during a competition inviting participants to adapt any arcade game [...]

Groops! - Amstrad CPC

There is no shortage of puzzle games on CPC. However, where many puzzle games are [...]

Frestris - Amstrad CPC

FRESTRIS is a TETRIS. But not only. There is a larger play area, graphics and [...]

Colour Lines - Amstrad CPC

Taking the idea of the theme song created by Oleg DEMIN for PC in 1992, [...]

Balls - Amstrad CPC

Puzzle games generally make us think about emptying out a game board more [...]